Monday, April 16, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: 7 Qualities of Women You Want to be Around

"They are at peace with themselves
so they don't have to prove anything to you..."

I must admit, it would be nice to always feel at peace with yourself. I think I mostly am. I suppose there are days when you self-doubt, self-loathe or feel not good enough. I don't suppose I have days like that, I know I do.

But it's nice to be around women who are mostly at peace with themselves.

I don't need them to explain their every move, rationalize to me what choices they make. Usually other women's choices don't affect me. Nor mine them.

To be around someone who thinks the choices I make are because or in spite of them, makes me nuts. The choices or decisions I make are what's good for me.

When certain situations arise, and I am not happy with what I perceive as that person's bad behavior, I can usually get over it if I realize it was not about me. If I know what I do is not about them, then I have to give them the same benefit of the doubt. OK, well if they are my friend or someone I respect or care about...let's not break out the campfire and sing Kumbayah with everyone now...of course there are rotten mean spirited people that cross my path.

Someone who is calculated, who essentially is not at peace with themselves, who makes decisions solely on how they can get ahead, burning bridges as they go, is someone I would rather not be around.

Another woman's confidence or peace is nice to be around. I think it reminds you that you are OK, and you can be a peace with who you are too. Hence the reason she would be someone I would want to be around and vice versa.

Think of those people who are like that. I think you will find you are at peace with yourself when you are around them. Those should be the people you gravitate towards. I know I do now. It's a much nicer place to be.


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