Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: NYS "Student" testing"

There's been much buzz on Facebook this week over the ridiculous state tests our children need to take this week and the following week. In a nutshell...the teachers teach to the test....they are evaluated by their students' scores. So what may I ask is the point?

Some of my friends children are completely stressed out over it all. Jenn's little one cried herself to sleep because her teacher told her if she doesn't do well on the test she will have to go to a special reading class next year. Another friend told me about her son who is diabetic. He got so stressed out by the outcome of his test that his sugar levels went haywire. Now the school nurse needs to stand by, out in the hall ready to take his blood and see if he needs a sugar boost during test taking. Are you f*%#ing kidding me? (as one of my friends so eloquently puts it)

This must stop, but how I am not sure. A friend showed me this article from the Washington Post, very interesting reading. Some things I had no idea were going on. But of course it gave me yet another reason to be disgusted with our Governor Andrew Cuomo, who touts reform and do-gooding but really could not care one iota about the children in his state.

I must say I do like the idea of a revolt, and everyone keeping their kids home from school during test taking days. But would that work? Would our children suffer ramifications from that?

My Mike couldn't care less about the testing. I keep asking him if he's OK. Was it hard? Was it too long? Is your teacher stressing you out? No to all of the above. He said "Mom, no one likes to take tests but thing though? What are we going to do in school once the tests are over?" We are done learning for the tests so we are done right?" That annoyed me. I told him no. You are never done learning and that maybe May will be about fun learning. (but there are more dam tests in June)

He probably isn't the norm with his carefree test taking attitude. But that's how he rolls. He is more interested in roller blading (literally) through the house life. Thank goodness. But it doesn't make me any less angry over these tests.

I feel for the teachers too. There's no creativity. No joy in teaching when the pressure is on for these tests. I can only hope there's change in the future when my college
Elementary-Ed graduate looks for a job, she is not stifled and beaten down out of the gate.

A middle school teacher friend told me her department chair asked if there was a way she could cut down Romeo & Juliet to a two week lesson instead of five. "They were in love now they are dead. The end....OK kids now about those state tests...."

Nonsense utter nonsense.


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