Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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I had a converstion with a mom friend the other day about how blessed we all are.  What a nice & charmed life we lead.  Beautiful homes, hard working husbands, healthy kids. A recent birthday, a friends health scare, it has all made me put my life in a little better perspective.  My kids on the other hand, are always looking for more - for the next big thing - not really appreciating what they have in front of them. I don't indulge my kids.  Or at least I don't think I do.  There will be moms & friends out there who disagree with me. Claiming a computer in 4th grade or an iphone in seventh is over indulging.  I think technology is ruining our kids.  I think constant contact with anyone, anytime is not a good thing.  I recently took a texting ap off Lu's itouch because I didn't like where some of the incoming comments were going - not her comments - but those who had access to my child more than me - her friends.  This is a touch age (10) where your friends opinions start to matter more than your Mom's.  It's a slippery slope.

While Ballerina was away, I redid her room. Total cost? Under $100.  Bought a daybed at Goodwill, sanded & painted it - reused old bedding - bought a few new throw pillows and a couple of cans of spray paint - rearranged some furniture and wow - what a transformation.  Now Lu is bugging me to redo her room too but she wants brand new furniture & rugs & paint and all this adds up to lots of $$$.  I tried to explain to her that her sisters room was not a big redo.  Cost next to nothing and she is 14 and I was trying to give her a place she could hang out in and enjoy.  Lu will just have to be happy with what she has, for now. 

My new motto is be happy with what you have - I think I may have it tatooed on my forhead just to get the point across.  This attitude of always wanting more  is starting to wear thin and I know it starts with me.  Are there things I want? Absolutely - a new car for starters.  My car is 8 years old and has 110,000 miles on it - but there is nothing wrong with it other than it is a minivan.  I am so over the whole minivan thing.  But instead of talking about a new car, I am going to stick with this one another year or two.  Be happy with what I have - in every aspect - as much as I can - and hope it trickles down to the kids.  Be happy - what else do you need?


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