Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Letting Go

Although we never really let go of our children, I think at some point we begin to give them a little more freedom.  A taste of what life can be like on your own.  Maybe it's the first time we let them go to the corner deli with a friend.  Maybe it starts with a walk to McDonald's after school.  It can be letting them ride their bike to school or walk with friends to school without a mom or dad following.  Whatever it is we start  to introduce them to the concept of being independent.  Of figuring out how to do things by themselves.  Some kids get it right away.  They are not afraid to speak to a waitress at a restaurant or a cashier in the stores.  Others hesitate and need more time to order their own dinner. Some can feed themselves and do a load of laundry by 10, others rely on mom or dad a bit more.

Today I taught my ballerina that she can buy a train ticket and ride the train by herself.  She was nervous, but she did it and the sense of pride & accomplishment she felt came through all her text messages.  Her Aunt met her at the end of her train ride, escorted her through the city to her ballet class and made sure she was safe and sound.  After class she will walk from class to her Aunt's office by herself and hopefully feel more of that "I can do it " pride.  Am I worried? A bit.  But I know I have taught her what she needs to know to be safe .  When I was 14, I was roaming the streets of Manhattan.  People say its a different time - it is - and I think a safer one with cell phones and google maps and street views, it's easy to follow my daughter around Manhattan on the "find my iPhone app." My mom never had a clue where I was.  Today I let go a little bit more...and my ballerina soared.


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