Friday, January 25, 2013

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I just cleaned out my email server.  There were 15,000 emails on there.   Granted I haven't done it since the summer - but it was overwhelming nonetheless.  There are emails I keep with info I know I am going to need.  I do go back and look through emails for info I know someone sent me - or a recipe they shared - or a coupon.  I didn't keep any this time. I just checked the select all box and away they went.  So if you emailed me something recently - well it's gone.

I was getting over a 100 emails a day - some of them I remember signing up for but most I do not.  This morning I spent an hour going through today's emails and "unsubscribing."  I don't really need to hear from William Sonoma or Pottery Barn or Discount Dance or J. Crew on a daily basis.  Showing me things I need but can't afford or don't really want.  I wonder what these companies marketing execs are thinking.  If they keep shoving their products before me I'll cave and buy? I am so sick of all the gimmicks and promotions - I am smarter than that.  30% off at one store might just bring the price down to a another stores "everyday value."  Consumers are being conned by many of these companies.  Flashy emails and must have lists. I am done.  Simple is the way to go.  Buy what you need. Make a list of wants and splurge once in a while. The everyday consumerism has got to end. 

I took Ballerina shoe shopping on Sunday.  She had one pair of shoes that fit so it was time for a pair or two more. We went to the Roosevelt Field Mall - if your not familiar with it, it is a shopping Mecca - with names like Prada & Louis Vuitton and Nordstroms and Vera Bradley.  I took her there because I know she would find shoes at Nordstrom.  They have the most amazing selection - and the prices aren't bad - yes you can buy a $450 Gucci loafer but you can also get a $55 pair of Toms. We found her a nice pair of flats.  She was happy, I was happy, end of story.  The point is not that I went shopping Sunday, its that half of Long Island went shopping Sunday.  I don't know if Martin Luther King day is now a cause for present giving, but the mall was as crowded as if it were Christmas Eve.  I was overwhelmed by the madness.  Why were all these people shopping?  Our country cries recession - yet no one is saving - they are at the mall spending. Ballerina & I opted not to walk around the mall - we got what we came for - we needed nothing else.  Let's go home. Let's Unsubscribe. Let's stay away from the madness. 

My theme this year is to unsubscribe.  I am not drinking the cool aid.  I am going to enjoy my friends and family,  I am going to keep it simple.  Drive the same old car, not buy a new outfit for every party or event. Live life comfortably with everything I need - and maybe splurge on a want once in awhile.  It sounds good to me. 


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