Monday, March 3, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Gratitude

Gratitude seems to be the new buzz word.  I had been thinking about it a lot lately - after I happened to stop on a certain televangelists sermon.  He was preaching about believing in the goodness of God and embracing the attitude of "all is well."  I have been trying to keep each and every day in the "all is well" category.  My sons fender bender - all is well.  Not getting that job - all is well.  The mess my kids keep making - all is well.  The art of positive thinking - and I believe it needs to be elevated to an art form - can be a challenge for most of us.  We are assaulted by so much negativity on a day-to-day basis that it seeps into our consciousness and takes over.  As women we beat ourselves up for never being good enough - good enough wife or mother or cook - whatever that thing we feel the need to improve upon - darkens our thoughts with what ifs and not enoughs.  

I mentioned the tv preacher to Cara and by some strange coincidence, she had seen the same sermon.  We are not people who sit around watching TV preachers - not that there is anything wrong with that - but speaking for myself - it's not something I do.  But as I was channel surfing, something about this man made me stop and listen.  Something about what he was saying made me want to embrace his positive outlook - to truly believe that all is well.  It reminded me of "the secret" - that good things happen to people who put good out in to the world - or you get what you give type of deal.

Last nights Oscars seemed to carry the air of gratitude.  Jared Leto (Loved him in my so called life), Matthew and Lupita all spoke of gratitude - to God, to their families, to their dreams. It seemed to be a resonating theme.  I am guessing that when you win an award that validates what you do for a living, that is a big ego boost - but these actors seemed to humbled and grateful and maybe even a little surprised. 

Life doesn't have to be complicated  - sometimes I think I make it more so than it has to be.  I expect things from others that maybe they are just incapable of giving.  So my new mantra - everyday - sometimes in multiples - is all is well.  I need to accept the everyday - be grateful to be alive - try to see the best in people and hopefully the world will return the sentiment.  I am letting go of the negativity and the negative people that go with it.  Good vibrations people - good vibrations. All is well.


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