Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: I Don't Always Like My Children

There I said it out loud - I Love my kids - I even like them most of the time - but there are days that I do not like my children or their attitude. It is not usually all three of them on the same day that I do not like - they seem to take turns - and sometimes it can be a momentary lapse in likability on their part. When your children are small, you are their sun, moon and stars but as they get older, they realize there is more to the world then you. My six-year-old is not quite there yet- I am still her everything, but the other two have it all figured out - or so they think. They have recently begun talking back, saying No to me and testing their luck. They know how to push my buttons and sometimes I think they are playing a game to see who can piss mom off the most. My children are not afraid of me - not that I would really want them be - but at 41, I am still afraid of my mother. My 10-year-old daughter recently accused me of hating her because I did not let her go to McDonald's with her friend. She was acting like a snob and I did not like her attitude. She accused me of liking her brother and sister better - well some days I do, and some days I like her better. My children have told me I am "meanest mom ever" and my answer to that is to show them articles in the newspaper of the latest nut job who beat or drowned or stuffed her children in the oven. I do not hit my children, I yell occasionally - sometimes very loudly - but I do my best to teach them how to be good, caring human beings. If taking TV, computer or phone privileges away is "mean" then bring it on. I will take that title - but I know I am doing something right when people tell me what good and polite children I have. We have a saying in my house, "Good kids get good things, bad kids get nothing." My kids have a lot of things - so I guess they are good -most of the time.


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