Monday, April 20, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: I Love My Country

I love country music – never thought I would be a country fan but here I am. I only came to love country in the last few years when my husband took me to Nashville for a long weekend as a getaway. We went to the Grand Old Opry twice, saw some concerts on the plaza and of course hit the bars. I was hooked – Nashville is a great town, the people are friendly and the music is awesome. Last year we flew to Wisconsin to attend a three day music fest – all the big names in country were there – Carrie, Taylor, Rascal Flatts and Big and Rich – we had a blast. Not only did we love the music, but we loved the people who were there. We got to do something we enjoy together without the kids - and we had a lot of fun. I heard that Kenny Chesney was coming to the Mohegan Sun in April – we decided to go – a close drive, Lady Antebellum and Miranda are his openers, should be a great concert. I have to say I was disappointed. Lets start off with the fact that it was at a casino –there were no tailgate parties – and that country vibe was just missing. Country music is about the people, it is about the story and the lives being lived all over this country. When we were in Wisconsin, we hung out with farmers and cowboys, soldiers and tractor drivers and the people who live the life that all the country stars sing about. What is great about country music is that it tells a story – a story some of us relate to better than others. We can all relate to Kenny Chesney's song, Don't Blink. It is the story of our lives- it all goes so fast so don't blink or you might miss it. My son turned 13 two weeks ago and looking at him I think when did that happen? How could I possibly have teenager? In my mind he is still that little boy learning to walk, going to kindergarten, getting on the bus by himself. Learning to appreciate each day is something I am working on - Take a listen to Kenny - it's linked below - you might find you like Country too, maybe it tells your story.


Cherie said...


I couldn't agree with you more!! I think that all country songs really tell a story and almost everyone can relate to some song!

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