Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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“The term originated from the word 'peeve'. Its first usage was in 1919.The term is a back-formation from the 14th-century word 'peevish,' meaning ornery or ill-tempered.” (in case you were wondering like I was why it’s called that)

Don’t we all have them? I suppose some more than others. I think I can make a list. Don’t worry I won’t. (not in one post anyway) But I will write about them from time to time. Maybe you can spot one or two of yours that we share.

This is not my Number One Pet Peeve. I am not sure if I have a number one. I told you in my bio I have things that frustrate me.

So, I really cannot stand when my kids talk (usually loudly) in my ear while I am giving my order to the drive-through orangutan at a fast food establishment. Seriously.

I am not proud that we had Taco Bell for dinner last night. But with the after 2pm schedule that consisted of karate, visiting Aunts with decrepit dogs (ah yes that’s another post), PTA meeting and another Community School related meeting back to back and picking up the in-laws (who will fondly be referred to as the outlaws in the future) from the airport, there’s was no dinner being made in my house. But we all like TBell (that’s the cool way to say in case you missed the memo) it’s cheap and I didn’t have to cook it and mess up my kitchen.

So I get everyone’s order before I go. AJ eats enough for four people now so I need to make sure I get enough. I go over the order, it’s good everyone’s happy. Fine, off to TBell. Now I don’t know about your TBell, but mine is from hell. They always get the order wrong, no one speaks English, and the drive through line is usually 10 cars long…and takes just shy of 6 months to get from the back of the line to the speaker which sounds like the guy taking your order is under water with a snorkel on. And did I mention he is also an orangutan? Yeah.

So I am ordering 400 tacos, a nacho this and a Chalupa that…and it starts. “MA! (in my ear) don’t forget this and I wanted nachos and cheese don’t forget!” Why can’t we all get our own sodas? (uh…cause they are the size of a liter bottle and you all will share it) “Is there going to be lettuce on my taco? “ (there better be an ice pack with your taco because I am about to hurt you..)

How many times do I have to say not to talk in my ear while I am ordering? That I don’t really understand what I am ordering in the first place and now I have to START OVER because you just screwed me up?

So I LOUDLY tell the person in the seat behind me to shut up. (Yes, I said shut up…move on)
With that I get a dirty look in the side mirror from the lady on line in the car in front of me. Yes well, to her I say you are alone and probably only had to order a simple soft taco and a diet soda so don’t be judging me.

I have to drive to the first window where Bachelor Number One takes my money and asks me what kind of sauce I want. (You think I am being snotty when I say orangutan?) Then drive to the next window where, Bachelor Number Two again asks me what kind of sauce I want. Why? Did the first guy think I was lying? As I review my receipt I see I did not order the nachos and cheese. Grr. I ask the guy if I can add that to my order now. I then get reprimanded how I really should have ordered that at the speaker. Oh really? I didn’t know that. Thank you orangutan, for enlightening me.

Get home to find out there is lettuce on the taco. Not to worry, he had the ice pack.

My PET PEEVE of the DAY~ Oh, and one more thing – Joe Biden is an idiot. He is not going to travel? Not get on the subway? Stay away from large crowds? I don’t think the VP of the USA has gotten on a commercial flight or the subway recently. The flu happens. Every year. People get the flu – 35,000 die from the flu every year. It sucks, but it is reality. Stop the panic Joe – use common sense. Don’t stop living your everyday life because of what might happen. If people stop going out, stop doing their day-to-day activities, our economy will sink even further. How many millions of people live in NY? How many of those people actually have the flu? The statistics don’t support the panic. I don’t get it. ~Jenn


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