Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Lu is funny. I mean really funny and not in a cute 6-year-old-kid way but in a knowing way. She can deadpan like nobody’s business. She is happy – all the time. She wakes up smiling and laughing and ready to crack a joke. She recently wrote a story that had my husband and I laughing until our sides hurt. I can only imagine what her teacher must think after she reads some of the things this kid comes out with. I used to be like that. Ask my friends from high school or my college roommates or even my husband. I was funny. I could come out with one liners that would have everyone laughing their asses off. But being married and having kids changed that. Not the humor part, I still think a lot of really funny thoughts and even crack myself up but I don’t say it out loud anymore. I worry about appropriate content when my kids are around. Our world has become one of political correctness where I have become to afraid to offend anyone. I voice my opinion but keep my jokes to myself. I lost a lot of spontaneity that I once had – I have become a responsible member of society. I guess that’s what growing up means. We compartmentalize and show certain parts of ourselves to certain people. I hope my daughter never learns this lesson, I hope she doesn’t grow up. I hope she stays funny and keeps me laughing until my sides hurt forever

Well my friend I do think you are funny. Many times you and I laugh til our sides ache, saying "sometimes I just get a kick out of myself!" Here's your stage let 'em have it.


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