Friday, May 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Pinch Hitting for Cara

All day yesterday I was doing the rain dance. Praying for rain. Looking at the satellite and watching every weather channel and news show. Pathetic. I wanted it to rain because Lu had baseball. She also had swimming lessons at the same time - scheduled months in advance of the baseball season, never even thinking they might conflict. Mae had dance at the same time as baseball and swimming. I can't be in three places at once. I have tried it, believe me, but somehow it doesn't work. These are the days I dread, too much to do and not enough time. I become a lunatic - yelling at everyone to hurry up, we have to go or we will be LATE. I do not do LATE. I am a maniac about being on time. So the plan was, drop Mae at dance at 5:20 -she would be 10 minutes early - no big deal, take Lu to 5:30 swimming lesson, leave lesson, head to baseball field, Aunt N. would pick Mae up and take her home. Of course we left the house late, thus leading me to believe we would now be late for swimming and screaming like a loon. Got to dance, barely slowed down before I pushed Mae out the door and rushed over to swimming. We should have been late but weren't because the clock in swimming is 5 minutes slow and that is what they go by. They live 5 minutes behind the rest of the world. Yesterday it worked to my advantage - but I know it is going to kill me for the next 6 weeks. Anyway, swimming ends, the rain gods did not answer my pleas and so off to baseball we go. This was Lu's first game ever. She missed opening day due to a 104 fever. She was beyond excited. We finally get there at 6:30 - and she gets out on the field with the biggest grin I have ever seen. I sat there for an hour, freezing my ass off, and watched with joy and gratitude for this baby girl of mine. She dove for the ball, she hit into the outfield and she had fun, which is really what it is all about.


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