Saturday, May 30, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Happy Birthday Lu!

Two months ago I became the mom of a teenager. It happened so fast - one minute he was my baby and the next moment I had a 13 year old in my house. Now my baby, MY BABY is seven today. For some reason, this is harder to take than Sam turning 13. Lu seems like such a big girl to me - that she needs me less and less even though in reality I know she needs me more and more. My kids don't need me to help them get dressed anymore, but the girls still ask me to help them pick out their outfits in the morning. They still need help with their homework, even though I don't always know how to do it. I still make their breakfast everyday and pack their lunch. Motherhood keeps us moving forward - sometimes it feels like I am on fastforward, running to catch up to my kids as they pass me by. I try to keep up, but sometimes I am out of breath. Today is one of those days, I feel out of breath knowing my youngest is seven and there is no going back. Not that I would want to, but sometimes I miss having babies in the house. Happy Birthday Lu!

Cara's two cents: Happy Birthday Lu!


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