Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Is the world falling apart?

I was going to post on this the other day until Jr. had an issue, then my brain was full of that. But my horoscope for the other day was:

“It may sometimes seem as if the world is falling apart but is it really or is that just the effect of all the negative voices you hear every day? Take a look around you. The world is still a beautiful place. Quit worrying.”

Blew me away because that’s exactly what I was feeling. Creepy little horoscopes… sometimes I think they are right on the money. I have been accused of not knowing what is going on in the world around me. And I may have even started to doubt myself into thinking I was being naïve about the world around me. I do watch the news read up on stuff on the internet. I do know what’s going on around me. We do discuss things at the dinner table. But I think I have made an unconscious decision not to wallow in it. I’ve decided not to bombard myself with “talking heads” that no matter which station you watch tilt the information their way, some most definitely more than others. The ones that annoy me I don’t watch. I will stop watching the ones that attack people’s children with their sick jokes. That’s never ok.

I do feel our President thinks he’s a rock star more that the leader of the free world and that’s a little scary. I think it’s great we have a (half) black President. It was surely about time. I am glad it was something I got to share and discuss with my children. I just wish maybe he truly had the country’s best interest at heart and not act like he just got voted Prom King.

You can argue the Republican/Democrat views ‘til the cows come home. No one would ever win or even agree to disagree. So I don’t do it. I do my part. I vote. I try and stand up for what is right here in my neck of the woods. I try to raise children who will be outstanding adults and assets to their society.

So no I am not a newshound. I probably won’t have a deep political discussion with you unless I feel I must. But that doesn’t mean I live under a rock. Trust me if I think something’s not right and there may be something I can do about it, you will need to step aside.

Jenn's Two Cents: The world isn't falling apart, but it has been knocked off its axis a little bit. The "Obama Show" is starting to lose ratings. I do live under a rock - but it has internet and cable TV so I keep up as best I can.


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