Thursday, June 25, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Sweet Summer Time

I like summer - I won't say I love it because I am not a hot weather person - my days of string bikinis are long over. But I do look forward to having less of a schedule - sleeping later, less to do and more time with my kids. In the past two days, I have had 4 mom's ask me when school starts again - or something to that effect like is it over yet? or it is going to be a long summer! or I can't wait until September - now mind you the last day of school was yesterday so they haven't even been out 24 hours yet.

I like to take walks after dinner without worrying about bedimes. I like to eat pancakes for lunch - without worrying about how can I pack it in a lunch bag. I like to head to the beach just because we can even if it's 6:00. I like to go for bike rides. I can't do many of these things when school is in session because there just isn't enough time between schoolwork and activities. Sometimes I just want to sit around and do NOTHING with my kids - that is a skill that will serve them well at some point in life. I like to sit out in the yard and listen to music and dance on the deck. So I welcome summer. I look forward to lots of nothing. I can't wait to walk the dogs as a family after dinner. I like surprising the kids with a trip to Coyles or Rita's or maybe even letting them stop the ice cream man.

I am sure there will be days when I am wishing September will come a little more quickly but for right now, I am going to try to enjoy the dog days of summer. I think my kids are growing a little too fast - and I would like to stop time for as long as I can - summer is the perfect time to do that. Ask me next week how everything is going and I may just start humming Christmas Carols.


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