Monday, June 15, 2009

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We make mistakes, sometimes in front of our kids. And sometimes that’s not such terrible thing. My friend reacted to a situation the other morning in defense of his kids and me, for that matter. I am sure in retrospect maybe he would have made another decision. But when you are protecting your children sometimes better judgment can go out the window. I always say the most dangerous place for a person to be is in between me and my child. I will take you out. I can safely say that most parents I know feel the same way. When something happens and the dust settles I try to see what lesson can be learned or small thing that can be taken from it.

This time I learned its ok to make a not so good decision when your kids are looking. It allows them to see that parents make mistakes sometimes too. And sometimes making a mistake but for the right reason can be ok. And that no matter what, ramifications be dammed you will protect them at all costs. Situations can lead to conversations about life or decision making that otherwise you may have not had. They can see that you accept responsibility for your actions even if you are less that pleased with the outcome. And especially when the outcome is not really fair. They can learn from you that even as an adult, you still need your friends to have your back. So, if you are a good friend they always will.

I have been saying lately out loud to people that I am mellowing with age. I may have to rethink that. I guess I just choose my battles now rather than be ready to fight the world. I will not be mellow when something is just plain wrong. I will not be mellow when someone does my friend wrong. I absolutely will not be mellow when there are children involved, even if they are not mine.

Sometimes you do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Sometimes that works for you, sometimes it doesn’t. But you let it go and you move on. Lesson learned.


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