Thursday, June 18, 2009

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I just figured out an easy way to comment on the blog for those of you who have been asking me! And thanks for reading and sending the comments to our emails! Please comment away!!!

Click on the post title and it will bring you to a new window with that post and a box to comment in. You can sign your name to your comment, post as a google etc. user or just be anonymous. Let us know if this works!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

I am trying this for the 1st time. I have wanted to comment but thought maybe that feature wasn't available since I didn't see any comments posted. So here is my comment, I can relate to almost all of the blogs I have read to date. Cara - loved your thought on the drinks on the street in Vegas - that was a big eye opener for me too when I went there. Jenn - you will have to write an entry for those of us who can't throw school papers away and tell us your method for weeding through them.

I wish you both continued success on your blog and look forward to reading more!

Denise C

P.S. I am blog-illiterate - what are all those choices on "Comment as??"

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