Friday, June 19, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Got Fish?

Mike got his fish for his birthday. He has been asking for them for quite awhile. So we are starting out small with a little tank and a few fishies. He got two “Mickey Mouse” fish (they have Mickey head shaped marks on their back fin…pretty cool) their names are Bruce and Swimmie. Their counterparts are red-eyed Tetras aptly named Red and Skipper-Red Eyed Maniac. Don’t ask… I don’t name ‘em I just buy ‘em. And there’s a catfish named Smudge Jr. after Smudge our cat. Who, I could not resist taking a picture of after he realized this morning that there was something swimming up on the dresser. He sat there for over an hour watching what looked like a good choice on the breakfast menu. He managed to swat the air line and tip over the treasure chest. I kicked him out after that though because they are not on the menu. Apparently he can’t read.

Summer will arrive on Sunday..."weather" or have a listen to a good summer song!


Love, Mom said...

Hey, this comment thing appears to work! By the way, my money is on Smudgy....he will just bide his time! Lol!

Rosanne said...

Good luck to the fish!!! I love the new song choice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's to my favorite "Forward Mom"! This is a great idea!! :) Looking forward to seeing what is next!! Tina L

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