Sunday, June 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Grateful today...

Cara: No list today. But grateful nonetheless. Grateful that the party we gave our daughter the party she had been waiting for. It was a great success...she was very happy. Grateful because she deserves it, she is a great kid. Grateful that we FILLED a huge room with family and friends, danced, ate and had fun. Grateful that even though doing a memory candle for our Uncle Phil was very sad, we remembered him. Grateful that she had all four grandparents there and a great-grandma.

And a little grateful that it's done. It has consumed our life for months. Now it's a memory...a really good memory. Back to normal life. Back to winding down the school year (grateful again!) and getting into summer mode (yep REALLY grateful).

Life is good and I am grateful.

Jenn: Grateful List
1. Great Friends
2. Dancing
3. Sunshine
4. Tea
5. Boy Scouts
6. Music
7. Squeals of Little Girls
8. The Beach
9. My husband
10. My new house

Cara's two cents: You got a new house? :)


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