Monday, June 8, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Know what makes a great party?

By now you know all about the Sweet 16. I am still recovering from it as I write this on Sunday night. But as the weekend went by I had some time to reflect. People tell me that I (well me and my hubby) can throw a great party. I have had some really good ones. I usually sweat and plan and let it consume my life. This one was no exception. I agonized…well that’s not really a good word because it’s not agony. I enjoy it. I…obsess? fixate? Whatever you get the picture. I plan food, drinks, favors, activities, games…geez once even hubby created a game on power point for a party! I clean (if it’s at home and even if it’s not) until I can’t clean no more. I want every detail perfect. The afternoon before this party found me uncomfortably relaxed. I say uncomfortable since we were having it out there wasn’t much to do the day of except show up. And that felt weird to me.
I still made sure everyone at the hall was doing what they were supposed to, that the hotel and the DJ knew what I wanted to happen when. And I was pleased things went along pretty much without a hitch. But I realized now, what really made me happy was when I looked around the room, at who was there.

170+ people does look like a lot on paper but when they are all there in a room it’s like “wow”! And I realize that all the parties we have, from birthday cakes in the kitchen, to over 100 people at a block party, to a “years in the making” Sweet 16, all that really matters is who is there. The details are important, you can have a hundred balloons but, if the people that matter aren’t there the rest does not matter. And all the people in that room mattered to us. All of them. Our family for obvious reasons. Even the ones there in spirit. My daughters friends who are really a nice bunch and if they make my little girl smile then they are all right with me. My friends, who are my cheering section and always have my back. I made sure I looked around often so I would remember the picture in my head for days that are dark or when I am having a “poor me” day. I want to remember how lucky I am. How having a big (sometimes crazy) family really is a good thing. How so many people in that room came into my life at different times and are still here. How I had my first friend there…sharing my daughters day. How proud I am of the family I helped create. That’s what makes a great party.


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