Thursday, June 11, 2009

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This town is like a TV show – I feel like I am living on Wisteria lane only here it is called SOM. Okay so not living there yet, but on my way and the tongues are wagging.
Love at First Sight
Can you love an inanimate object like you love your children or spouse? I think you can. Love at first sight happened to me last year – a house, my dream house came on the market – I walked in, my husband walked in and we were IN LOVE. Never mind that it was falling down and covered in filth – that you could barely walk because there was garbage everywhere – that there was still food in the cupboards and the house had been sitting empty over a year – yeah gross – I am talking original 1800’s molding – mahogany staircase, 3 floors and 5,000 square feet – love. So for 4 months, my husband and I jumped through hoops – secured financing and tried to buy this house – but the bank said no – it needed too much work, the appraiser said it is not worth the price, the owner would not turn on the water or put a stove in to satisfy the bank and on and on – so finally and sadly, after quite a bit of money (appraisers, inspectors, contractors) we walked away. I would drive by my dream house – it was sad and dilapidated – but I knew underneath it all was a gem. A man bought my dream house and started to polish it – now it is shining and the whole town in talking. The man turned out to be the husband of a friend - my wizard of oz. We told him our story and he sold us "the house". I can’t wait to spend the next 50 years with the loves of my life – husband, children and house.


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