Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Road Rage

Now I am not talking about very violent road rage but rage nevertheless. The older I get the more people piss me off when I am driving. When I was a young 80’s gal with big hair people who drove slow pissed me off ‘cause I guess I drove fast…ok well, people who drive slow now piss me off too. But I don’t get as mad. Word to the wise: get out of the way of the mom in a mini-van. First, I am in a hurry dammit. I have only til 2:15 to get my stuff done before the fun of after school begins. And second, although on the outside to you it looks like a mini-van, inside it’s a chick driving a BMW convertible with the top down listening to loud music, so move aside.

And the people who cut me off at a red light I will find you. We are at a red light facing each other on opposite sides of the street. You are making a left turn, I am going straight. When the light turns green… I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY!!! So DO NOT turn in front of me at 90 mph because GOD FORBID you have to wait for me to pass. When I leave my neighborhood the first light I come to is one like this and I deal with these idiots everyday. Grrr.

And slow the hell down in the morning when you pass my kids’ bus stop. They are four little boys who jump around waiting for the bus. Don’t do 50+ past them. Well from now on you probably won’t. Otherwise Golf Dad will take you out with his tea mug again. We are a dangerous “parents-still-in-their-pajamas-at-the-early-bus-stop-without-enough-coffee-yet” bunch so drive slowly. I didn’t realize until this morning that you can have road rage and not even be in the car.
Oh and one more thing….

Happy Birthday Pal.

Happy Birthday Jenn. You are still older than me (lol)

Top ten reasons I am glad you are my friend:

1. You get me and some days that’s not pretty
2. We can make each other crack up
3. I love your chicken salad recipe
4. I am honored that I was in on the house secret before anyone else, ok well except maybe Mike

5. We are alike in as many ways as we are different and that’s o.k.
6. Our babies were each other’s first “loves” and will always be friends
7. We are usually on the same page and sometimes that is scary!
8. You know what grosses me out and love to point it out as “little” as it may be
9. We both give out what we expect to get from a friend
10. You are not high maintenance

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and may all your dreams come true this year…oh wait they already did!!!

Jenn's two cents: Thanks for my birthday wishes - it means a lot! And can I add to your road rage, those people who BEEP at you when you don't make the right on red quick enough to suit them - don't beep at me - 'cause then I wait for the green...


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