Friday, June 5, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Tonight's the night...

The big day is finally here. The planning, buying, organizing has been done. It is what it is. (one of my new favorite sayings). I have learned after having many, many parties that you can't please everyone. And honestly I don't care if everyone is pleased. I know my Sweet 16 will be. She has been waiting for this party forever. She will dance and laugh with all of her 75 invited friends and 90something invited family. The party is huge...a guestlist of "ridiculous proportions" as many people have commented. Again...don't care. If I am going to do a party I am going to do it right. It's all or nothing. I am excited. I am thrilled for her. Her friends are really stepping up and are so excited for her...and for that I am so happy. So we will go have her makeup done by one our BFF's, another BFF will do her hair...we will primp and get gorgeous, and go get our groove on. This is what memories are made of. Although I will admit at times I was ready to pack it in and just take her on a trip I am glad I didn't.

Jenn's two cents: Can't wait! So glad it is finally here... Happy Sweet 16 SP!


Patricia said...

It was a great party! Read about my two cents over at 3 is the new 5.

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