Monday, July 13, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Pet Peeve #4 ~ Passive Agressive People

(trying a bigger font what do you think???)

You can’t tell I am PMSing this week can you? :)~~~~

I cannot take the passive aggressive people anymore. You know the type…smile at your face while they stick a knife in your gut. I have decided I am not taking it from “your type” anymore.

No more standing there thinking…” did you just insult me?” “you said it so nicely…but I think I was just insulted!” I will expect to be insulted with a smile now. I will wait for the snide remark about my kid (who is no angel, I am not that kind of mom, but most days I can hold him up against any kid) I will anticipate the remarks about what I do…be it cook something well, have a party or buy something I want. You will find out, (much to your surprise I’ll bet) that I don’t do/buy/make/host to piss you off or make you uncomfortable. Seriously? You are not that important in my decision making process. I do what I do for me and my family. I don’t do “whatever” to make you feel uncomfortable, small or self-conscious. I decide what my kids do, wear or how they are disciplined based on what I think is best. And if I want your opinion I will surely ask for it. I don’t have all the answers all the time. I sometimes need a different set of eyes to help me figure out what to do.

But, I certainly don’t want to hear your gloating over whatever my current sticky situation is at the moment. Hasn’t your mother told you that if you don’t have something nice to say shut your trap (or something to that effect)? If you’re going to give me your opinion without being asked but you think it’s for my own good then that’s ok. (I guess) I don’t look to cut people down. That is not fun for me, maybe it is for you and if so then you have an issue.

If for some reason, when you are around me and you feel your self esteem is threatened perhaps you should look in the mirror. I have a great life. It’s not perfect there are a million and one things I would change if I could. But nothing I am, do or say is meant to belittle you. So don’t zing me every chance you get, because I won’t let it cut me if that’s your intention. Your days of doing it when I least expect it are over. I am ready now. Hopefully I can be straightforward and kind enough to end it without it becoming an issue. But be rest assured there is zero tolerance now. I can be sweet as pie unless otherwise provoked. (And don’t ask I am not telling)


Anonymous said...

Guess it's one of those days!

Cherie said...

I know somebody like this- so I know exactly what your saying!!! Some people just think that everything is and should be about them!

rosemarie said...

you go girlfriend. I hope they know who they are. let me know if you need back up!

Anonymous said...

test test

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