Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Pet Peeve #2 Neighbors

I love my neighbors on both sides. They are nice, good people. They mow their lawn and take in their trash cans. On my right is an elderly couple. She works, he is retired. I watch their cat and take in their mail when they go on vacation, they give my kids presents at Christmas. I will miss them when I move, but not the scary, hissing cat.

On my left side, is a couple our age with a teenage son. She runs an illegal day care. From September - May, the view out my kitchen window is plastic world - slides, play houses, scooter, cars - left out all the time. My view June - August is my neighbor, their kid, his friends and other assorted relatives in their bathing suits. They have an illegal deck almost the same height as the fence around the illegal pool so they might as well be in my backyard. Last week they decided to knock down their garage and build an illegal pool house. Okay so I ignored that one as I am moving - it will not be bothering me much longer. This morning at 7 am I could not ignore the BEEPING. Non- stop for 10 minutes. Woke all of us up. Now, for me to even be asleep at 7 am is a miracle in itself. I got up, marched outside and very politely told her she just woke a house of sleeping children and their mother. She apologized - I am sure she really didn't care as she knows we are moving. But my pet peeve is people who Beep and Beep and Beep and neighbors who just don't care. If I am picking you up, nine times out of ten, I will get out of my car and knock on your door - my mother taught me it was not polite to beep. If it is raining or dark, I may beep once and if you don't come on the first beep, I will call you from my cell phone. But to beep and beep and beep no matter what time of day is just plain rude. Now she was beeping at her teenage son - I guess she had to take him somewhere. His friends come by all the time and beep for him as do her friends. I could go on and on about all the annoying things they do - in the early morning and late at night - but I am moving so I will let it go for now. I hope she will not beep any more in the morning - at least not for the next two weeks.

Cara's two cents: ...my we are cranky lot this week aren't we?


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