Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: What no helicopter?

Today’s the day I am officially done. I’m done being the President of the PTA. I did my two years and I think, did them well. I have been itching for it to be over this year. I have done my time and I was tired of being the guy left holding the bag. The “go-to-guy”, tired of running everything.

But funny thing is today I am a little melancholy. I will meet with the new president today and hand over my keys to the PTA closet. Hand over all my files and contacts and “Presidential” information. She is the “go-to-guy” now. And while I do feel a sense of relief that there’s nothing for me to do to prepare for school in September then to get my kids ready. At the same time I feel a little empty. I guess being control freak deep down inside, I will feel a little off not being in charge. But, I am sure there will be things to take up my time now that this is done. I am not one to let the grass grow.

I have thanked all the people that helped me these past two years. I have said good-bye to the people at the school who have become my friends. I will even miss the principal with whom I developed a very nice relationship over these years. It was hard for me to say goodbye. I don’t like to say goodbye. But all things must come to and end. Even good things. One door closes and another one opens blah, blah, blah….

So I will hand over the keys, and go off on my way. I was hoping for maybe a helicopter like George W. got. No such luck. I remember watching that on TV and wondering what he must be feeling as he flew off, overlooking what he was leaving behind.

But I am looking forward to laying low now too, for as long as I can stand it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the downtime. I'll venture to guess you will be back at it (or something) before too long. It's in the genes! --NN

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