Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: There are no Coincidences

Okay so I have never been a big believer in fate or karma or coincidence. I have always believed in just living your life to the best of your ability and things will fall into place.

My life in the past few months has been one of fate, coincidence and Karma so I guess it is time to change my beliefs. The old adage "everything happens for a reason" has been banging me on the head lately.

Last night we were at town beach with friends - for townies, there is a new policy at the beach - you have to have a rec card or you have to pay $10 to come in. I like this policy - I have a rec card and all residents have the opportunity to get one too for $20. Apparently there had been issues at the beach so the new policy is in effect 7 days a week till 10 pm. So my thought is if you are going to be paying staff to enforce the policy, you are going to be checking for ID or charging $$ then you need to provide services, like having the bathrooms open. Well, the bathrooms are not open. I had to go - I drove up the road to the public library, used the bathroom, and determined that tomorrow I would call the Town Supervisors office and complain.

I head back to the beach, and who is at the gate but the Town Supervisor himself! Talk about fate, karma & coincidence. So long story short - he is going to look into the whole bathroom being open thing - I also complained about gross porta potties - also being looked into. For the residents of this town, please call the Town Supervisors office this week and back me up on this - for all the taxes we pay to live in this beautiful seaside town, we deserve a decent & clean & open bathroom at our town beach. After our 20 minute conversation about services and why a town a few doors over seems to have nicer, cleaner and open bathrooms - it ended something like this - didn't you guys buy the library house? You can't get away with anything in this town!


Cara's two cents: Looks like we have mission on our hands...I am in!
And Happy Birthday to Mom today too! xoxo


Cherie said...

See thats just not right- we were at the Lindenhurst beach last night and didn't leave until after 10- and the bathrooms were still open. So let the mission begin!

Oh- and thank you for the Happy Birthdays!!! Love you guys!!!

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