Monday, July 20, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Make new friends...but keep the old....

…one is silver and the other’s gold. Remember that oldie but goodie? I think I first learned that in my Girl Scout troop. I don’t know now if one should be silver and the other gold...both are equally as valuable. I didn’t write the song I just sang it.

The town I grew up in just had a reunion weekend. I went last night with (g)old friends. Friends that go back to first grade. Friends that go back to kick the can on the block, trick or treating, riding bikes with no hands, first boyfriends, prom, graduation and so many memories that I forget some now. I step out of my minivan and back into 1983. I walk into the bar hear the music that was the background for my life. For a little while I chat with old friends from school. We laugh about a million remember whens. We whisper secrets in each other’s ears and giggle like we were in 10th grade again. We dance and sing every word to Rapper’s Delight screaming and hugging more old friends as they dance their way over to us. They know me. They know my story. Most I won’t see again until another reunion. Most of them don’t know the 4o something woman that walked in the door. They know the teen age girl they left back in the 80’s. That’s ok. I like that girl a lot now even if back then some days I was not crazy about her. She is much more confident now around the boys that used to make her weak in the knees. She can air kiss the girls she wasn’t crazy about back then and not care if they talk about her when she walks away. She leaves with her (g)old friends as they laugh about the night and the who’s who. She gets in her (g)old friend’s minivan (she has one now too) and the talk turns to summer camps, husbands and wife stuff.

I have a treasure chest full of silver friends now too. I am rich in friends. I think that makes me one lucky Girl Scout.


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