Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Sunday night I took the girls to see the Jonas Brothers. We met my sister and niece there. We had unbelievable seats, dead center, first mezzanine. My ears are still ringing. I have taken my daughters to a concert before - we saw the Cheetah girls a few years back. I thought that was amazing - the Disney machine knows how to stage a concert and get girls to scream. The Jonas Brothers was a whole different league.

Jordin Sparks opened for them - my girls love her - so they were thrilled. Lu was ready to go home after that - you can't take this kid out after dark. She is a morning person - does not do well after 8 p.m.

Concerts have gone so high tech since I saw my first show in 1983 - I was 15 or 16 and went to see AC/DC - the biggest thrill of the evening was Angus mooning the audience.

The Jonas brothers appeared out of the floor, rode a stage that put them closer to the top of the stadium, rode another stage that brought them out into the audience as they sprayed everyone with snow. They made it rain, they danced on the piano, the stage spun around. It was a production like I have never seen before - it was a concert on steroids and the kids loved it. The music was good - the Jo Bros have a horn section and violins. I don't know many of the songs they sang but the girls were dancing and singing along.

Everyone was having a great time - until - the girl behind Mae asked her to sit down because she couldn't see - sit down! This is the second time this has happened to my daughter - it happened at the Cheetah Girls too. This is a ROCK concert - there is no sitting, there is dancing and singing and having fun. What kind of kids are we raising who want to sit at a concert? Are they so used to sitting in front of the TV that getting up and dancing at a concert is not allowed? When I looked around the audience, the floor seats were all standing but in the rest of the stadium, only small clusters were standing - most were sitting. This isn't a movie or a Broadway show, GET UP & DANCE!

Those boys know how to entertain - the energy level is so high on stage and in the audience - and everyone is sober which is sort of amazing. I can put it in the been there, done that category and my girls think I am the best mom ever - that will last a day or two.


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