Thursday, July 2, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Bad Day

Yesterday was a BAD DAY - it started out good - but then s**t started to happen - grown-up s**t as I tell my kids. So when a good day goes bad there are two choices - chocolate or alcohol. I went with a chocolate milkshake as I try not to drink when I am home solo - my husband already told me it would be a late night. Not enough ice cream left to make more than one -so I knew as soon as I started the blender I would have kids lined up looking for some. Well guess what? I told them there wasn't any for them! Hah! I told the girls that while they were off swimming and playing with friends, mommy was home packing and having a bad day so that I won and deserved the Milk shake - for once I was going to be selfish.

I rarely eat ice cream or drink milk shakes and as soon as I have the first bite I regret it - it really isn't my thing - I guess it used to be but now it is too sweet and filling for me to really enjoy it anymore. So I had a few sips of my shake and passed it along to Mae. I still felt better though. I might break out the vodka later. After today I think I may just deserve Chocolate and Vodka!

Cara's two cents: I think they make Chocolate Vodka...just FYI. lol


Lori said...

The Beachtree makes an excellent chocolate martini! want to go get one? LW ;)

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