Saturday, July 11, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Choices

Every day we are faced with choices we need to make. Some are for ourselves, like what's for breakfast and others are for our family, like what am I going to feed everyone today? Sometimes I open my closet and gravitate immediately to what I am going to wear that day, other days I need to decide what would be best given weather, plans, etc. Many choices are just that simple - food, clothing, what to watch on TV. Other choices can be gut wrenching and life altering. This week I am making some of those tougher choices. I am a physical and emotional wreck. I wish life would just roll along and we could all whistle a happy tune. Sometimes it does go that way and other times it doesn't. Talking to my husband about our choices as a family, his response is always the same - whatever you think is best - he is letting himself off the hook with that answer and putting everything on my shoulders. My shoulders are sagging right now under all that weight. I am not ready to blog about what is going on - so you need to stay tuned, because I will be soon...hopefully I will be whistling a happy tune.


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