Friday, July 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Pet Peeve #3 Grocery Store Cashiers

Now of course not all of them are orangutans. Some are nice middle aged women working a part time (or full time job) and are courteous, polite and pleasant. I have found that most are teenage or 20something little snots that I may end up hurting one day. Typical encounter can go something like this:

Orangutan starts scanning items. No he/she did not even so much as make eye contact never mind say “Hello…Welcome to Overpriced Groceries R Us”.

I hand them my store savings card they rip it out of my hand scan it and leave it on the check writing ledge so I can forget it and have to come back in for it.

They keep scanning…not noticing that the groceries are piling up. (I swear if my eggs break you are getting the rest cracked over your head) They come out of their trance long enough to start bagging in plastic bags.

Me: “I have tote bags!” I say as I reach to get them out of my cart.
Orangutan: “Huh?”
Me: “Yeah, whatever” and start bagging myself. They finish scanning and start bagging again in plastic bags.
Me: “I am using the tote bags!” and hand him/her one
Orangutan: “Oh…uh…o.k.” (stands there looking puzzled) then says “do you have your Over Priced Groceries R Us card?” as he/she puts the plastic filled bag into my tote. (thank you for defeating the purpose of the tote)
Me: “I gave it to you already”
Orangutan: “Oh ok” removes from ledge he/she put it on and scans it again then stares at screen wondering why it didn’t do anything.
Me: “It took the money off already”
Orangutan: “It did?” as he/she takes a swig of his/her Snapple stashed under the counter.

He/she then looks over at the conversation going on behind him/her, then looks blankly at me, as I am bagging. I check the total on the computer screen myself because an orangutan apparantly can't tell me what I owe. I swipe my debit card, my transaction is done. I am handed my receipt bundled with my change. And before I can put my change in my bag the next customer is up my ass with their cart because the orangutan is scanning their stuff already.

If I was the one doing the hiring the job description would be:
Wanted: person with some command of the English language or some type of communication skills other than grunting. Person needs to acknowledge paying customer who lives in a town overflowing with other grocery store they could choose to go to. Some type of greeting is necessary. Hello is a good start. A sloppy appearance, gum chewing or wearing of pins with crude sayings is not allowed. You will help bag, in the bag type of their choice. You will handle items such as bread, eggs or glass with care. You will not talk over customers head with fellow employees about who got laid last night at the dock. You will tell the customer what the total is and ask how they will be paying for it. You will hand them their change separately so customer can put it away. And then you will hand customer the receipt or place it in the bag. You will say “thank you have a nice day” at the end of the transaction. If this is too difficult to follow, surely there’s space in the orangutan exhibit at the zoo.
Jenn's Two cents: Even worse is when the cashier is TEXTING while ringing up your groceries - I have had this happen to me twice - the second time, the manager was standing right there and said nothing! I will put a plug in for Trader Joe's - the cashiers there are always helpful & friendly - I only wish we had one closer.


Patricia said...

Ugh, I hate them. a crazy grocery store lady myself. Yes, I will take my entire week's worth of groceries for a family of six to the self-checkout where I can scan, bag and thank my own damn self. Also, Trader Joe's rocks - let's poolour funds for the franchise fees!

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