Thursday, July 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Goodbye MJ

I grew up with Michael Jackson music. I watched him on TV, bought his albums and really loved his music. I don't know when I stopped actively listening to his music - maybe it was after the Thriller album ( yep, had it) but put on a Michael Jackson song and it will bring up some memory - 8th grade dance, high school, frat parties. The great thing about music is that it lives on forever.

So now that you know that I was and am a MJ fan, ENOUGH ALREADY. That there is not a single more interesting thing going on in the world besides his death and memorial service is beyond me. The memorial service was nothing but a glorified freak show. I didn't watch it but saw enough on every other show to know I didn't miss anything. Those children just broke my heart and I wanted to reach in and pull Paris right off that stage and away from all those people pawing at her when she was trying to talk about her Dad. Obviously she loved him. She probably did want to say something about him. But to see all those people smothering and touching and readjusting the microphone while she was trying to have a moment made me mad.

MJ was a tortured soul. I hope he is at peace - but it is painfully obvious now that his children have been exposed to the world, they will never again know what peace is.


Sam said...

I couldn't agree more.
That poor kid should not have been allowed on national television! She should have said what she wanted to say to her father, in private, not plastered on every newspaper cover, and across the world on every television.
I felt like it was a really cruel episode of SNL or something. Way too much if ya ask me..

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