Thursday, July 16, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Hung Out to Dry

If you are a fan of Sunday Morning on CBS, you would have seen a story this past Sunday about a town that is trying to prevent a woman from using a clothesline. There was another story yesterday on Drudgereport on the same issue. North Carolina had a bill before their senate seeking to make clotheslines a thing of the past. Apparently there are people who object to seeing their neighbors undies strung up. I lived in South Africa for 6 years. We used a clothesline. I loved it - your clothes dry quickly and smell wonderful. Things last longer from not going in the dryer. Although I am not a fan of towels on the line, they become stiff, my towels looked as new when I left Africa as when I got there. After a year or two of being tumble dried in the USA, they began to fall apart.

It is estimated that a clothes dryer uses 15 - 25% of a homes electricity. Since we are a country trying to go green, what is wrong with hanging out your clothes to dry? We are not talking about the front lawn but in your own backyard. A piece of land you own and pay taxes on. I use a sweater dryer now for many of my delicates, it sits in the basement but in nice weather I put it outside. No one has complained. I am thinking a clothesline might be a nice addition to my new home...

It is funny that a piece of rope strung between two trees can generate controversy when there are so many other issues going unnoticed. I don't know why but the whole clothesline thing struck a cord with me. I guess it is about losing your freedoms, one at a time - even if it is just the right to hang your clothes out to dry.

Cara's two cents: I hang stuff outside down here in Snootyville...I hang them on hangers on my expensive pool fence that make a great clothesline. Even though I am pretty sure there may be a town "law" about clotheslines! (any townies know for sure??) I am such a rebel!


Anonymous said...

Well said! I am a great fan of hanging out the wash; have been all my life. When you see clothes blowing in the breeze, you know all is right in the world. (Who would hang out the wash in time of crisis?) What better way to save energy; I've done it since the energy crisis of the 70s. Maybe you can start a new movement to regain our rights--one at a time--starting with hanging clothes! (We love scratchy towels; they exfoliate!)

Anonymous said...

I had a clothes line down here in snootyville & no one ever complained. I don't use it anymore because I always forgot to take my stuff down before the sprinklers came on!!!

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