Monday, August 24, 2009

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It really all boils down to that. I have heard that word used by many people over the last few days, I don’t know why. Maybe people use that word all the time and I have just noticed it lately. When I think about it all the things I try to teach my kids it’s all really about respect.

When I tell them to pick up their rooms (and they usually need a shovel) it’s because they should have respect for their home and not leave it a mess. When I tell them not to call their siblings names and speak to each other with sharp tongues, it’s because I want them to respect each other. They need to be a team, on the same side. The reason why I don’t take any crap from them is because they need to respect me and hubby. If kids don’t have respect for their parents then you can forget about them having respect teachers or friends or other adults. If a kid smacks their mom and it’s ok, then do you really think she has a prayer teaching them to respect others that cross their paths? Kids need to be respected though too. I have respect for them. I don’t embarrass them in front of people. I listen to them when they want to talk. I respect the person they are becoming, who can be so different from me. I respect their privacy, I knock before I come into their rooms. I don’t open mail addressed to them. I think they understand or in Mike’s case learning to understand that respect is a two way street. You give it then you can expect it in return.

The world as a whole would be a better place if we all remembered to respect other people. There would be no one to call an orangutan in the supermarket if the employees remembered to respect the customer. There would be no talk of what the First Lady is wearing today if she remembered who she is supposed to be and respected that role. And respect should not only be given to the person in authority. We have to respect those people or suffer the ramifications. You still need to be respectful of the person who is giving you a pedicure for example. They are not beneath you because this is their job. You still need to be courteous and polite…respectful. You need to be respectful of the little old lady walking about 3mph ahead of you in the milk aisle when all you needed to do was speed in, get the American cheese and get the hell outta there.

Lots of times I find it more respectful to agree to disagree. At times, my friends and family who I love have an opinion or way of doing something makes me want to jump out of my skin. But I have enough respect for them and our relationship to zip it.

Lately, I have seen some relationships around me suffer. When I think about them I realize there was always that same thread, lack of respect. Either it was never there, never taught or eroded away. It seems such a simple thing that sometimes simply gets forgotten.


Cherie said...

I could'nt agree with you more. I think respect is the major thing missing from kids today. Somewhere between us growing up and our kids growing up- its gotten lost. And I can think of so many kids that need to learn it!!!

Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

Came over from SITS! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! Great post!!

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