Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: R E S P E C T part II

Reading Cara's post yesterday really had me thinking. I so agree with everything she said. I think it is a big commentary on our country as a whole. Respect has gone out the window. People don't return phone calls - that shows a lack of respect. Drivers cut you off on the road or steal your parking spot - again lack of respect. Girls becoming more promiscuous at younger ages - this is a lack of self-respect. Everyone looks out for #1 - except Moms, we look out for our kids and family first and foremost. We put ourselves second. We put everyone's wants and needs before our own. This is respect for our families - who in turn need to learn to respect us - our space, the home we try so hard to make nice, our quiet time...

Cara talked about teaching our children respect by respecting them first - this is huge. How can you expect your child to respect you when you show them little or none. I was in the grocery store the other day when I heard a mom tell her child, who was maybe 4, to shut the f**k up. Not only was I humiliated by just hearing this but the child looked like she was in shock - so did all the other shoppers. This child is not getting any respect - so she probably won't give it either. I don't want to run into her at 14.

I think my kids are polite and respectful - at least I hear they are when I am not around. It is not always easy to teach our children that concept. They learn by seeing and doing - so as Moms if we respect ourselves more, our children will follow suit. As partners and friends, we need to show respect to earn it back. Just like Cara had nice week - I am going to make an effort this week to be more respectful - to my elders (ha) my children and even the jack a** on the road on the road who cuts me off. Oh wait maybe that's anger management...


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