Saturday, September 5, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Me again...

This blogging every day is a little difficult. I don't want my posts to be dull but at the same time there's only so much fodder for blogging!

Today is Jr.'s 14th birthday. Wow. When did I get so old to have this large child call me mom? He is having seven other 14 year old boys sleep over tonight out in the tent. Hopefully they won't run totally amok through the neighborhood at 3 a.m. We shall see. Tomorrow is family cake and such. He requested the "Devil Dog" cake our buddy made last time we ate at her house. She was nice enough to part with her recipe. Maybe she will let me post it? It was a BIG hit...seriously devil dogs, ice cream heavy cream, maraschino cherries..what could be bad about that?

So for today I will refer to the Simple Woman's Daybook:
Outside my window...
it is another gorgeous Sept. morning, I forgot that Sept. weather is really awesome...just like the weather the day Jr. was born
I am thinking...
of how much I have to get done today, as i sit here blogging... but it's all good stuff so it's OK
I am thankful for...
my little one who decided he would bring me a breakfast in bed of soggy waffles and milk..way too early for a Saturday but it's the thought that counts!
From the kitchen...
I am hoping hubby made coffee before he left for tennis..but I don't smell it so I am not optimistic
I am wearing...
a crappy shirt and even crappier sweat pants..but oh so comfy to sleep in
I am creating...
a fun birthday day/night for my boy
I am going...
to the supermarket (surprise!) and out in my backyard at some point to garden and just "be" in this gorgeous day
I am reading...
Brooklyn..even though book club is in Oct. I hope I don't forget about the book by then
I am hoping...
a girl I know gets better even though it doesn't look that way
I am hearing...
"The Fairly OddParents on the TV, Mike talking to Lucky Pasquale in my bed
Around the house...
it's still quiet teenagers are still in their caves
One of my favorite things...
is getting ready for my kids' birthdays.
The big ones don't want so much of a fuss anymore but I must make it as special as I can
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Celebrate Labor Day/Birthday weekend with family and friends,
and get ready for the first day of school
You can find this and more at
Happy Labor Day weekend!


Rosemarie said...

Happy Birthday to our friend!! and post away with the devil dog cake, consider it yours!

Cara said...

xoxo to you pal...perhaps I will post it today as well. Thanks I am off to make it now

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