Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Meet the Teacher Night

We did. Well, we already did before school started. Me and Mike anyway. Dad got to meet her tonight. We like her. She has a lot going on in her's a very busy place. But I'm happy Mike needs busy. He will do great in there.

Still living here in "Mayberry" is as always fodder for blogging. I am a people watcher. I love to take a step back and look. Kinda remove myself from the situation be like a fly on the wall. Had I been a fly this is what I would have noticed:

~Some parents really don't even listen to what the teacher is saying about what goes on in the class."Should we check that the spelling words are spelled right on their homework when we sign it?"asks a parent. ("Uh, that's why it's called they learn how to spell stuff" thinks the fly on the wall...)

~That hopefully the girl that sits next to my son has some idea of personal space since her mother had her purse on my kid's desk and was practically sitting in my lap during the teacher's presentation.

~That you can really tell a lot about a teacher when her face lights up when she talks about her students.

~That some people think that I am the PTA complaint booth and have all the answers even though I keep telling them I don't run the "show" this year

~That some teachers dread this night even with the smile plastered to their faces.

~That in Mayberry it's just another "Who's Who event". Who's in this or that one's class, who got picked to be class parent, who was seen talking to that one...

~That the people that you may think are snobs are actually the ones that avoid the "cliques" and the b.s. and may even find themselves painfully aware that they are on the fringe....

~That some people like do things just so they can tell you all about what they do. Really?

~That even as adults we walk into our social situations and try to find that familiar face in the crowd. That we need our group to walk with and be part of. And maybe to a point "be seen with...?"

That's enough from the fly.

As for me, I surprised myself by being totally ok that I am not in charge this year. I was relieved not to have to drive to this with a knot in my stomach because I had to make a speech. And its ok that I didn't get picked class mom this year. (don't cry I was it in Kindergarten and First Grade). I will get to go to all the class parties but I won't have to come up with some spectacular craft. I will get to go and sit with my son this year and give him my attention and get to enjoy this time with him while we glue stuff together. And I am really ok with that.


Lisa said...

As a resident of a different "Mayberry", I think you have it pegged just right. Maybe this year will be a time of rest without the pressure of being in charge!

Lisa @
All That and a Box of Rocks

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