Thursday, September 3, 2009

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I give up. It’s September. Summer is on its way out. I get it.

As I have been talking with my fellow “Leo” (as in the zodiac sign) friends, they tell me they are already getting in their “non-summer” (I refuse to write the “W” word) funk. Now that’s way too early for me. Even I am not thinking about icky February just yet. I think I have LDD or SAD (Light Deprivation Disorder/Seasonal Affective Disorder) although it’s a mild case, I am not jumping off bridges just yet, it puts me in a mood for a month or two.

I think this year I will embrace the seasons. One of the reasons I love living where I do is because of the seasons. Summer is my favorite that’s true. Summer is easy, non-scheduled, laid back, beach and sunshine filled. But there are good things about every season, every month really. Maybe it’s better to take it month by month.

I am starting to get a little tired of the watering the plants lately. The pool filter running nonstop along with the CAC is an electric bill nightmare. All right that’s all I can come up with. The rest of it is ok by me. I am not really in a big hurry for the kids to get back to school either (although the house definitely stays cleaner when they're in school all day). I will welcome September anyway.

September is:
~ Jr.’s birthday month He is my easy, breezy middle child without any of that middle
child bullsh*@!

~ A new school year with a clean slate and new school supplies (love 'em!)

~ It’s the first day of autumn and come to think of it, fall is my second favorite season

~ It’s a trip to a dude ranch with some of our favorite friends

~ Football on Sunday afternoons that just act as a backdrop to lazily reading the paper on the couch

~ Back to monthly breakfasts with the girls

~ Oversized comfy hooded sweatshirts

Now that wasn’t so hard I guess. What do you like about September?


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