Monday, September 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Weeding the Garden

I have used this phrase before. My friend B. and I have talked about issues in the past and it's the advice I gave her. People ask me for advice or my opinion often. I am not sure why really... I certainly don't have all the answers that's for sure. I would venture to say it's because I say what I feel. I say what I really think they may need to hear. I don't know. But I digress. Of course, I don't mean my real garden although some weeding probably needs to be done out there I am sure. I mean my "life" garden.

Sometimes we "plant" really lovely "flowers or plantings". We tend to them. Take care of them. Meanwhile yucky little weeds start to grow and we ignore them for awhile. Maybe we pluck them from the surface so we don't have to look at them. But they grow and grow until they get our attention. At this point we can still ignore them. But really they need to be pulled. And pulled out the root so they don't grow back.

I have been ranting a lot lately. (I think my mom may want to pack her bags and go home since I did a lot of it out loud yesterday!!!) I am tired. Tired of doing the right thing, expecting from people no less that what I expect from myself , and getting nothing in return. Tired of people who think they can do and say whatever they want and everyone is supposed to just take it. I like Facebook. I "do" Facebook. But I am so tired of the BS Facebook people post to let others know what they are missing out on, in hopes to make them feel bad I am sure. These are adults I am talking about here. Sick, sick sick of them. Sick to the point that I think I've exhausted myself! Tired am I of opening my house to the world, to only get a kick in the ass in return.

Sometimes you can't pick your situation. You can't pick your relatives. You can't pick who crosses your path on a given day. You can't usually pick people you are thrown into situations with. But dammit I can choose to weed out the ones that are choking all that's good in my garden.

I believe you get back what you give out but there's got to be some cosmic limit to how much crap a person can take. I refuse to waste my time checking in on other people's gardens while the weeds take over mine.

So time to get the tools out...where did I put that hoe???

(and not I am not PMSing yet...God help the weeds that week!!)


jen@odbt said...

Good point. If you start to let all the negativity in, it will get to you.

PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I could not email you back so hope you don't mind if I leave the answer to your question about my camera. I use a nikon d40. Still very much a novice but I really enjoy taking photos.

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