Monday, September 7, 2009

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At the moment, I am "houseless" which is a lot different than "homeless" but I am guessing still instills many of the same feelings. We closed on our house 10 days ago - we had five to days to be out or start paying exorbitant funds to the new owner. We managed to get out with the help of some great friends and put all our stuff in storage and friend's homes. We decided since we had nothing to do and money in the bank to go on vacation out East - it was great. We stayed at a top notch luxury hotel - where 4 days cost my whole months mortgage payment - but we had no bills so why not? It was worth every penny. The kids had a great time, the parents had a great time - I managed to stay on top of all the necessary legal issues surrounding the purchase of our new home via my iphone and a fax machine. We came back to reality Saturday and are staying at my parents - they are on vacation. The next step is still up in the air because even though I have been told we should close the end of this week and everything is good to go, I won't believe it until I have the keys in my hand.

The kids start school in two days - and I will either be at a hotel or in my MIL's house - which is definitely not my first choice. The stress it is causing all of us is ridiculous - I find myself snapping at the kids and they snap right back - again its the feeling of not knowing. My kids will show up at school Wednesday without an address - I am sure they won't be the only ones only our situation is not as dire as some of the others. For a few more days we will all be displaced and then hopefully we can settle into our new home. This feeling of houselessness causes a lot of different emotions - guilt at not providing for my children, instability, anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness - not any of it good.

My kids are going with the flow as best they can - it is an extended vacation for them and everyday is something new. We are keeping busy touring the island and visiting new places. I hope this weekend we can spend moving and unpacking! I will keep you posted.


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