Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara:After the first day of school update...

My Charming High Schoolers who don't want to take pictures but still do it for me... 11th and 9th respectively.....

Happy as a clam 2nd grader....

The first day for Mike was really can one ask for more? Sam is complaining about stupid fellow Juniors and even more stupid in particular that is obsessed with A1 sauce. (don't ask I don''s HS and I don't care...) Jr. is mostly impressed with the awesome food court in the cafeteria...where he had "mad" spicy chicken.
Bus flew past us again...(our bus in the p.m. though is on my side of that busy street so that makes me happy. MUCH safer.) Boys remembered to stop him though a ways down the block...greeted by a lovely gentleman who said this stop was not on his list...but he will be sure to stop for us tomorrow morning. He said he recognized me as the lady with the nice sunglasses waving at him this morning...flattery will get you everywhere so he is my new friend!
We are officially back in the swing..oh after I buy the High Schoolers $9 million worth of school supplies that they now need.
Tomorrow is Moms, Muffins and Mimosas...our back to school "mom" breakfast. Although I needed a mimosa more like this morning.
Jenn will update on her first day and life in progress tomorrow....


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