Thursday, September 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: First Day Blues

Wednesday was a bit traumatic for all... No one really wanted to go back-to-school, me included. But according to the calendar and the state, 9/9/09 was the official first day of school, so off we trudged.

Normally, first day back-to-school in my house is a big ta-da. Since we are anything but normal these days, it was just a bowl of cereal and a new outfit for the girls. Sam declined the new outfit. No chocolate chip pancakes this year and no pictures on the porch. I did take a few pics in front of Grandma's fireplace.

I told the kids we will have a "do-over" once we are settled and have a new first day of school.

Mae was not happy to go to middle school and even less then thrilled when she came home. No friends in her class or lunch or anywhere to be found. It's all so confusing and she generally has already given up on MS. Sam was like whatever - it was fine. He has a good friend in every class - makes all the difference in the world.

Lu did not want to go Wednesday and fought me the whole way but was thrilled when she got home - her teacher is AWESOME - he jumped on the desk. I guess if you are a second grader, nothing is cooler than that.

Still livin' in limbo - sounds like a new country hit - might have to work on that one - but I rather be in Margaritaville!


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