Monday, September 21, 2009

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Back and bow-legged from Rocking Horse Ranch ( We went away this weekend with some of our "families of friends" to a dude ranch. We had lots of fun. You name we had it to do. Horseback ride, swim, fish, tennis, indoor/outdoor pool, game room etc.,etc., you name it!

Kids were fantastic. Really. No one had a fight. No one got left out. They were given a little freedom to run free (with at least one buddy of course) and that alone was probably one of the best parts of the trip for them.

Adults got time to sit in Adirondack chairs in the shade (did I mention the weather could not have been more perfect?) with our favorite "red cups". We ate meals together at big tables in the dining hall, like Jenn said food was o.k. but dinner was great. Stayed up dancing way past our bedtime and laughed until our sides ached. Hubby water skiied on the lake and wowed even his teenagers at how long he could stay up and proved that the old stallion's still got it!

Moms even ventured out on horseback. Jenn was a good sport even though she wasn't too sure about going. Although she didn't go back again the next morning with us, at least we can say we rode horses at the ranch. The horses are great. They have such different personalities and they are really a joy to be around. I can see how you can get hooked. Saturday, I rode "StageCoach" who was massive and weighed about 500lbs. But he was a gentle giant. I barely needed to pull on the reigns he just knew what to do. Sunday, I rode "Dakota" who like to nuzzle the butt of the horse in front of him. We had a nice ride he and I, even if I did have to stop him many times on the trail to give the horse in front some personal space. What I loved about him was when we stopped he would turn around and look me in the eye. I just wanted to hug him.

So sometimes my posts are cranky but not today nothing to be cranky about. I spent the last weekend of the summer in the country with beautiful weather, my family and my wonderful friends. I hope my happy trails continue throughout the week. Some pictures from the trail:

Frick and Frack getting silly...this just makes me laugh when I look at it....

BFF's on the Ranch(at "disco" night!)

Lu on her first ride. Not a nervous bone in her body

Mae getting ready to ride!
Mike's first time riding too...a regular wrangler!
Me on StageCoach...does this horse make my butt look big? (hint: when riding always pick the horse with the biggest butt!)
Jenn, I don't know she was looking kinda nervous(caption should read: Ok, I smiled now get me off this *@#$ horse!!!) Happy Trails Partner!

P.S. Do I dare say it? Happy first day of Autumn!


Reviewer11 said...

Sounds like fun. Glad you had so much fun! :)

Stopping by from SITS :D

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