Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara:President or Rock Star?

It really is bizarre to me. The “sitting” President on David Letterman?

Now good ‘ole Bill is on the next night. Ok fine. Whatever. You are now a “regular” civilian so go do what you want. I understand it may be hard not being in the limelight anymore. Being the President has it’s perks and maybe you need a little attention. And since your wife distances herself from you whenever she can I can see how you may want to get a little TLC now and then. Fine. (maybe a TLC reality show is an option? “Life with Bill & Hill”?) Sorry. I digress.

But I think the President would have better things to do. “Though he's in town to address the United Nations this week, President Barack Obama took some time out of his busy schedule on Monday night to notch another first: He became the first sitting president to appear on the "Late Show With David Letterman."

Really? Well maybe BO, you would like to prepare what the hell you are going to say to the United Nations? What will you do during your address? Begin with “Hey guys did you catch me on Letterman the other night?”

Can you maybe get down to the business of my country please? Do you really need to rub elbows with celebrities? I mean you had a lovely summer tooling all over the world with Michelle and the girls. (Did First Grandma come too? I’d imagine someone needed to care for them while Michelle was busy patting the Queen on her ass) I saw your pictures and your trip looked amazing. What an opportunity for your children. Lucky them.

What did I do this summer you ask? Oh nothing. We didn’t’ go away this summer. In case you didn’t hear the economy is in the shitter and we didn’t want to spend the money this year. We are cutting back on a lot things lately, which is fine. It’s a good lesson for my family I think. But luckily I don’t count on you to help me find any light at the end of the tunnel. I have my hard working husband for that. Does the cutting back surprise you? It must. According to you we are super wealthy. Let me know if you need some more taxes from me so I can help my neighbor.

The best thing about America is that we can say what we want. We are allowed to not like our President. (well, we used that allowed now? I’m not sure.) But even though the “sitting” President was not who I voted for I would at least like to be able to respect him. BO, you are making that really hard.

So could you please get down to business? Stop making believe you are a regular Joe. We all know you are not. You didn’t get to where you were that way. I know many "regular Joe's" who I love dearly but they are not about to become President of the United States. Start acting like the President. You have had ample time to get used to the position. Stop hitting the talk show circuit to talk about the bad economy, health care and Afghanistan and go fix everything like you keep saying you will. I’m waiting.


Ms. Bright said...

Totally agree. I like my president a tad removed from the crowd. I like him busy doing important things that could possibly improve our country's situation, not attempting to be 'cool' or 'hip' with the kiddies. Weirds me out, disheartens, but does not surprise.

p.s. thanks for stopping by The Bright Life today! Comments totally make my day!

Anonymous said... sentiments exactly. Looks like the "sleeping giants" are awake!!! I think it will be the Moms of America who will help to save this country.

Paul said...

I think our President is very eloquent. I have not been able to say this for the previous eight years. I support what he is trying to do and hope he succeeds in getting our economy back on track. God bless him.

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