Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Cold feet...Warm friends

Seriously I know the calendar says September…blah blah blah…but IT IS STILL SUMMER!!!! Went to our friends’ house last night for a drink on the back deck and happily found some more friends were there too. Daiquiri’s on the deck. Sounds lovely, no? Well my feet were freezing!!! Of course I had flip flops on…haven’t you read the grateful lists? It is still summer. I am not putting away the flip flops. I just got pedicure yesterday and got a groovy blue nail polish put on…why should I wear shoes? (probably because my feet were like two blocks of ice?)
I relented and borrowed my pal’s socks and wore them under my flip flops. Quite a look but it didn’t matter. That’s where the warm friends come in. Warm friends. Easy friends. Come as you are friends. The best kind I think.
We laughed. Made fun of each other…talked about our kids and how old they are getting. And about how old we are getting too. Even though life takes over and we get busy…sometimes too busy to make the time to get together, with these kind of friends you just pick up where you left off. So even though I drove home with the heat on my feet to thaw them out, I had a smile on my face.

P.S. This is blog post #150....who knew we would have so much to say???


Anonymous said...

Blog # 150! Blah, blah, blah....keep up the good work. Socks and flip flops? And they make fun of socks and Crocs--much more stylish!!

Rosanne said...

See I knew the groovy blue toes would catch on!!!! Now you are alomost as cool as me.

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