Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Limbo

Limbo: an intermediate, transitional or midway state or place.
Origin: From the latin phrase in limbo on hell's border (on the edge)

Limbo, that is where I am living as of tomorrow - neither here nor there. The worst part is the not knowing. The being in transition and not knowing what you are transitioning to. It is like being on hell's border because that is where I am. The agony of not knowing. Of not having a plan. I am a planner - I like lists and order and things to go from A to Z. When life goes out of order it is hard for me to take. I am not spontaneous - although on occasion, I have tried to be - it usually does not work out in my favor.

Limbo is not good for kids either - they need a place. To know where they are going to sleep at night - to know where their stuff is. Right now my kids stuff is in a pod. Right now we are in limbo. With one week until school starts. This week will be an adventure and I hope it is one with the happy ending written in. We will go to a hotel with a indoor heated pool and a jacuzzi and room service that will let us bring the dogs. My kids are watching Eloise right now and planning their elevator games.

It may not be the happy ending we are all wishing for - I won't know for a few more days. Remember that post I wrote about Karma? Well it seems my karma has come back to bite me on the ass - and it sucks. So send your good wishes and good vibes out to the universe in my name - 'cause I need to get out of limbo and into paradise.


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