Sunday, September 27, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Sunday Grateful

1.Sleeping late (anytime past 7)
2.Rainy Sunday with nowhere to go
3. Wireless connections
4. Giggling girls
5. Friends within walking distance
6. Kids riding their bikes
7. Helpful Kids
8. My own bathroom (no more barbies in my shower!)
9. Fall
10. New Stove

1. Garage Sale "mad money"
2. Rainy Sunday to stay in do stuff around the house
3. Chatting with friends to the "wee hours"
4. Coffee and the paper on a Sunday morning with my hubby
5. Hometown football games
6. This week..Mayberry which is not on my nerves
7. Autumn decorations
8. Teenagers that do me proud
9. Day off tomorrow
10. New blogging "friends"


Lani said...

stopping by again to shamelessly promote my charity event, Blog For A Cure:) PLease stop by today, and all week long for lots of giveaways and a chance to meet new bloggers! Have a great week!

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