Saturday, September 26, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Pack your S#@!t

Here is the funny thing about Cara's post yesterday - if she had posted it a day earlier, I would have run - yes run - over to her house with 25 more mugs to sell. You see I packed all sorts of s#@!t that I really did not need to keep. Mugs being just one of the items. I also packed my bunt pan - I asked my hubby if he remembered the last time I made a bunt cake - and he thought it must have been in the early 90's and he was right. I am a big time baker - but seriously I have not used a bunt pan in over 20 years - Grandma however makes one a month... but that is another story ( see tales from the dark side post.) I also unpacked 4 cheesecake pans - why so many - they are all different sizes and I do make an excellent cheesecake ala Juniors but 4? I did keep all those - there must be a good reason - let you know when I figure it out. So as I unpack, I am pitching a lot of stuff - I, like Cara, am not a garage sale person. I have never had one. I just leave my stuff on the curb and usually someone takes it. I guess I think my stuff is not "garage sale worthy" and it is not worth the time and effort it would take to put it all out and then throw away the leftovers for all the aggravation it takes to host one. I am not a lover of garage sales, however, I am lover of estate sales. I like estate sales because you get to snoop in other people's houses. Currently on the lookout for some 1890's Victorian furniture and a small round child size table. I will be sure to check out Cara's garage sale tomorrow - heard I might score a coffee mug with puppies on it...I will let you know what I find.

Cara's two cents: Very funny... now get your ass over here and keep me company during my torture!


This Mama Rocks said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest!! Stopping by from SITS to say Hello!!

Lani said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest:) I hate having garage sales! But I do it anyway, cash is cash:)

I'm having a Blog for a Cure Blog Party next week on 1$ will get you some new followers, a chance to win some cool prizes, and the chance to help a great cause, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:)

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