Friday, October 30, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: He Says. Mom Says.

These are snippets of conversations Mike and I have on a regular basis. A glimpse into why I am the way I am you could say....

Mike Says: Mom Says:

1. Why are there people? (uh…)
2. Wesbian? What’s a Wesbian? (I will answer that at a later date Elmer Fudd)
3. Why did you name Sam “Samantha Mimer?” (I didn’t…no clue where that came from)
4. Why does my pickle tickle when we ride over the railroad tracks? (ask Dad)
5. Do you need a girlfriend or want a girlfriend? (some men need one…)
6. Why do you get someone to sleep with and I have to sleep alone? (your bed is a twin and two people don’t fit)
7. How many minutes until I turn 8? (that is making my hair hurt)
8. Do snails have plasma? (wtf?)
9. Did you know that Peach from Finding Nemo’s real name is PeePee Arshea? (wtf again?)
9. If I ate all the candy in my Trick or Treat bag would I puke enough to fill a bucket?
(wait until Daddy’s home and I’m not to find out. Thanks.)
10. If our cats are boys then where are their penises? (I have no clue that’s why I thought Smudge was a girl when we first found him)

These kind of questions are part of the reason why I walk into rooms and forget why I came in there in the first place.

Jenn's two cents: Those are the exact answers Cara gives me when I ask her questions ...


Rosanne said...

What an inquisitive little boy you have. I have some of those too. I need good answers to these:

Where is your uvula?
Why is yours bigger? W to H
Why is this blood purple? (in your wrist)
Does the tooth fairy know Santa?
And finally, Whats in my peepee that makes peepee?

All of the above were asked by a 3 year old, answer that!

Lisa Kennedy said...

Love the look on your daughter's face! What a sweetie!~

Corrie Howe said...

These are great questions. I love the "one the toes" answers too.

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