Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Brain Farts

I know gross. I don’t particularly enjoy that word. I could have said absent minded, forgetful, or CRS (Can’t Remember SH*%). But that really is the most direct, to the point description of what my brain has been doing lately.

I don’t forget things like birthdays or what day of the week it is. (ok well I did forget that…that’s cause kids were off on Monday and it threw me off, OK?)

I forget what I was just going into the garage to get. I forget if I called that person back. I forget if I already told my friend something or if I told another friend. Do the kids have religion on Tues. or Wed.? Did I lock the car before I went to bed…etc. etc.?

I thought we were so ahead of the game with a 2nd grade school project that had to be handed in on the 19th. We did it over the long weekend. We had to make a Halloween costume for this 2 ft. ‘ME’ the little guy has hanging outside his classroom. Kids make “themselves” on the first day of school and then they bring it home from time to time to dress it up. I read (or thought I read) the directions. He wanted to make it an astronaut. Marvelous. We cut and glued and covered the “suit” with aluminum foil to make it look cool. He brings it in a week early. I am so on the ball. I can check another thing off the list. Yeah, well it was supposed to be dressed as a character from a book he read. Not just any old costume. And no we have not read a book about astronauts lately. We read books about Star Wars, wrestlers, kids with loose teeth but no astronauts. I am mortified. Luckily the teacher came to the rescue of the brain farting mother and let him read a book about astronauts during free reading time in school. And yes we went to the library after school to get some astronaut books.

So what’s the problem? Too much on my mind? I don’t know. I don’t feel any more stressed than usual. PMS? Could be. I like to blame that for a lot. But I am not that person/mother. I don’t forget stuff. I am on the ball. Has my brain been taken over by aliens? I start to say something, get interrupted then have NO clue what I was saying….it’s slightly alarming actually. What the heck is my problem anyway? I have decided to lay low the next couple days. Stay home and nest…do stuff around here and shut the outside off for a bit. Maybe I need to recharge my brain so it stops farting…oops! I mean shorting out.

Jenn's two cents: It's called being in your 40's...the brain has left the building. I think it also happens when we have just so much on our plate that we short circuit some things to take care of others. We are both out of practice at having second graders - we are so used to our big ones doing their own projects that we forget second graders need a little more monitoring! Lu did her character from a book- but I didn't check the assignment and she realized yesterday morning a report was due also - so we did it quick yesterday morning because ours was due on the 13th...I should have read the assignment and not taken her word for it. I am on it now!

Cara: OMG! Just asked if he needs a report with it as well...yes he does. I am a LOSER!!!!!!! Thank God we went to the library last night and got that book. I am going to go sit in the corner now...


Sandy Toes said...

I have a 1/2 brain it feels in my 30's...I am scared what might happen in my 40's!!!!

Sandy Toe

Helen McGinn said...

Oh gawd, I'm glad it's not just me. I also tend to get stuck with spoonerisms a lot; my brain is getting ready for winter...a looooong winter. :O)
Stopped by from SITS, lovely to meet you both. x

lisa said...

I have a steel trap memory about things I really care about-- unfortunately that has ceased to be what day they have religion and book reports ** bad mom alert** Sad but I am DONE before I am really done so I struggle with stuff like that. I am just glad my youngest will be 12 soon. I LOVE love LOVE the High School age.. So exciting so much fun and not so much stress. My middle is making his confirmation in Nov and I have two in religion... one on Wed and one on Thurs so every week I ask a hundred times... "Do you have religion Wed or Thurs??? LOL!~ I think that James has it tonight???

Patricia said...

Usually when this happens to me...I am pregnant! LOL. Not happening anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting me on my SITS Day!

Stephanie Faris said...

What is it they call that? I can't remember...

Just kidding...CRS disease. Can't Remember...Stuff. Except Stuff is another word I don't say here! It gets all of us eventually.

Kristen said...

Oh I'm not alone in this?! And 40 is knocking on my door...this may get worse? Yikes!!! Thank God for calendars, lists, and girlfriends who remind us of stuff!

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